Non-ferrous metal early train June 17

Data from the World Metal Statistics Bureau showed that the global raw aluminum supply was surplus of 400,000 tons from January to April 2022, and the annual supply shortage of 1.819 million tons in 2021.By the end of April 2022, the total reported inventory fell by 417,000 tons from December 2021.Global raw aluminum production rose 0.5% in the January-April period, with China production expected to be 13.006 million tonnes.China's aluminium production now accounts for about 58% of global total production; global raw aluminium demand is 21.9 million tons, down 750,000 tons from the same period in 2021.Global raw aluminum production in April was 5.7447 million tons, and demand was 5.6759 million tons.

On June 16, China's 6063 aluminum rod spot inventory were: Foshan 67,000 tons, Wuxi 16,000 tons, Nanchang 4,000 tons, Changzhou 12,000 tons, Huzhou 26,000 tons, Chengdu 5,500 tons, Gongyi 2,000 tons, Luoyang 3,000 tons, the total of 135,500 tons, down 13,500 tons compared with June 13.

On June 14, in the "this decade in China" series of theme press conference, vice minister of Industry and Information Technology Xu Xiaolan, said in terms of capacity, actively yet prudently to resolve excess capacity, strictly implement capacity of equal or reduced replacement, 140 million tons of ground steel clearing, electrolytic aluminum, cement and other industries of backward capacity of basic clearing, implement major technological upgrading project, support enterprises to speed up the chemical, intelligent and green transformation.Since 2012, the proportion of investment in technological transformation has remained above 40% of industrial investment, becoming an important force in boosting industrial investment.

Australia's major wholesale electricity markets have been suspended by regulators and have stopped trading in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania since Wednesday, according to an analysis by Tianfeng Futures.This is the suspension of the entire national electricity market.It is understood that Australia has four electrolytic aluminum enterprises, all in the power crisis involved areas, the cumulative production capacity of 1.722 million tons.There are 5 alumina enterprises, with a cumulative production capacity of 18.739 million tons.At present, the power rationing situation in Australia is mainly at the electricity consumption end of the people's livelihood, and the industrial electricity consumption is not involved for the time being. However, if the subsequent power tension intensifies, it may affect the aluminum enterprises.Because the power consumption of the alumina enterprises is generally low, basically within the range of 280-430kwh / t, so the power crisis may have little impact on the alumina enterprises.For electrolytic aluminum enterprises, it should also be predicted according to the power agreements of different enterprises.

Alcoa announced on June 15 that it plans to spend $51 million to increase its Mosjøen aluminum smelter in Norway by 14,000 tons a year, according to the company.Mosj?The en smelter currently has a nameplate capacity of 200,000 tons / year, and thanks to the investment, the smelter capacity is expected to reach 214,000 tons / year by the end of 2026.

On June 16, Luo yang Longding Aluminum Co., Ltd. version base branch was formally established. Longding Aluminum CTP version of the current annual production capacity of 80,000 tons.Version base branch aimed at three years CTP version base production sales to 120,000 tons of the overall target.

Fitch has raised its short-term price forecasts for iron ore, coking coal and thermal coal, nickel and zinc to reflect the post-pandemic supply and demand disturbances, particularly the supply disruptions in Russia.Metals and minerals prices are expected to slow in 2023 as the supply of new mines increases; global metals and minerals production is expected to grow later in 2022 to offset supply disruptions.

Fed raising 25 basis points by July is 0%, 50 basis points is 13.8%, 75 basis points is 86.2%, 25,50,75 basis points by September are 0%, 100 points is 8.7%, 59.4% and 31.9% by 150 basis points.

[U. S. Stocks] The Dow was down 740.34 points, or 2.41%, to 29,928.19; the S & P 500 fell 123.15 points, or 3.25%, to 3,666.84; and the Nasdaq fell 453.06 points, or 4.08%, to 10,646.10 points.

LME Electronics aluminum 2521 down 93; copper 9126 down 82; zinc 3600 down 66; nickel 25280 down 520; lead 2125 up 48; aluminum inventories 410,000 tons; exchange rate 6.7099

LME now aluminum 2482 down 87; copper 9079 down 145; zinc 3630 down 68; nickel 25170 down 589; lead 2093 up 27

On June 16, Shanghai futures 2207 contract aluminum closed 395 down at 19660; copper closed 69520 down 1260; zinc closed 455 down at 25615

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